SLU Sight is a free vision service provided by medical students, optometry students, and ophthalmology student volunteers/physicians. We strive to provide comprehensive vision services to adult patients—from regular eye exams, diagnosis and management of eye-related disorders, to delivery of prescription glasses free of charge, our clinic is uniquely designed to address complications in vision.



SLU Sight understands that your vision is an invaluable part of who you are—your eyes are a window not just to your world, but to other health conditions you face. We are dedicated to providing you with personalized health care from our students and physicians during your visit.


Services Offered

  • Free vision screenings

  • Comprehensive eye examinations

  • Free single vision and bifocal prescription eyeglasses (3-4 weeks after visit)

  • Free reading glasses (same day)

Medical Conditions Tested

  • Vision disorders related to the nervous system

  • Refractive errors

  • Problems in the structure around the eye and tear ducts

  • Binocular vision

  • Misaligned eyes

Prescription glasses are fulfilled through our partnership with New Eyes.

SLU Sight offers vision screenings and reading glasses every Saturday. No appointment is necessary. We accept patients 18 years of age and older.

Patients must be screened at the Saturday clinic before being scheduled for further work-up or prescription glasses. Eligible patients will be contacted by SLU Sight to attend the Sunday clinic, run once per month.